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               How are you going to spend your 
               Summer this year?  Come join us!

               We are goin' to have FUN all

               summer long!  

               Read about our
                              Summer Course 2014!




Learn To Read

Learn To Write

Learn To Speak

Reading courses with the aim of cultivating interest and confidence in reading.


(Age 1.5-2.5)


Phonics Reading Level 1

(Age 2.5-4)


Phonics Reading Level 2

(Age 4-5)


Phonics Reading Level 3

(Age 5-6)


Phonics Reading Level 4

(Age 6-7)


Phonics Reading Level 5

(Age 7-8)

Guiding students from writing basic sentences to producing texts in different genres.

Jolly Writing
(Age 6-7)

Guided Writing
(Age 7-12)

Creative Writing
(Age 8-11)

General Writing
(Age 10-12)

Write to Learn
(Age 12-15)
 Encourages students to speak English using interactive activities and word games.

Vocabulary Booster (VB)
(Age 4-6 / 7-9 / 10-13)

LCM Speech Exam Preparatory Course
(Age 3-7)
*Only Causeway Bay*

LAMDA Speech Exam Preparatory Course
(Age 5+)
*"Only Causeway Bay*